About us

The Wood Products Factory “Fagus” is a family company based on tradition and extensive experience. Our business activity is centered on producing furniture for bedrooms and living rooms; it is entirely made from solid beech and oak wood. The high-quality wood comes solely from national forests and the furniture is made from meticulously selected elements.

Our advanced machinery park makes it possible to offer the best possible products. In recent times, we’ve been producing highly appreciated furniture for the german, austrian and swiss markets. We look forward to new challenges, contacts and cooperation!


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Every piece of furniture starts with an idea. Our company very often derives its inspiration from practical experience as well as the expectations of our customers and furniture dealers. High quality materials and well-thought out functions are an indispensable part of the experience of living in a modern apartment.


In order to finish our products, we just use oil waxes of the famous brand LIVOS, the world leader in terms of wood care products made from natural, renewable resources.

Material and care

As a producer of the furniture made from solid wood we place great emphasis on protecting nature for future generations; that is why the wood for our products only comes from sustainable forests. Solid wood is a natural product with a unique structure and colour. Fine cracks, discolouration or natural faults, such as knots provide ample evidence for the authenticity of the material.

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Fabryka Wyrobów z Drewna
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